Project Overview

Ein herzliches Willkommen und danke für Ihren Besuch!

That was German for welcome and thanks for your visit :) I hope you'll enjoy my project work and I am happy about any feedback, advices or ideas. You can contact me primarily via eMail or any of the social networks to your left hand side. Actually I am looking for an internship as a frontend developer, user experience designer or app developer, especially augmented reality applications. I'm looking forward to hear from you :)

Below you can find an introduction to some of my greatest projects. More projects you can find looking at the top menu. Just follow the #hashtags! This website is also one of my actual projects. It's fully responsive and written without any content management system behind. It's still under construction and I'm very happy about any critical feedback!


SpotifyScanner, a native app for Android and iOS, enables Spotify user with a large CD collection to add music to their Spotify collection on the most simple way: By scanning the barcode of the CD. Quick and easy! If you want to read more about this application or how to get it on Googles Play- or Apples AppStore, just follow this link.


Like Amazon Pantry, you can subscribe for products and get them in a standing order on the most simple way: Just drag n drop the item you wish into a shopping card, symbolized as a box with a filling level surrounding itself. Further information about the great user experience are described here


HikeU is an outfit generator built as a web application that enables the user to try on clothes on the body and finally generate a full outfit. Further information about the design process and prototyping stages you can find here


ASIL, shortform for Adaptive System for Interactive Learning, is a project of Stuttgart Media University in cooperation with the Media Research Center of University Tuebingen that enables learners to get intelligent, autonomous help during learing online. More information about this very complex application you can find here


This website, www.dominikzinser.com is my first and only responsive web project so far. I've built it to show my working samples belonging to my application for an internship. For the future I've planed to write a blog about augmented and virtual reality. Further information you can find here